Buena Onda Collective
Breathing Together: A Love Story
Our living sculpture looks to embody the symbiotic relationship between people and plants. We invite audiences to send loving energy to the algae growing within the sculpture. For years, science has revealed the power of caring intention and its incredible impact on plant life. These findings and those demonstrated in Cleve Backster’s studies on plant consciousness, led to the realization that plants register stress and sensed thoughts of harm. Our sculpture asks viewers to rethink and expand their relationship to plant life and consider the work plants do for us and their need for our love and respect toward them. The last image is a workshop that sonifies lichen and invites audiences to collaborate and co-create a DJ set with lichen from Fort Tilden. Made with support from NYC Parks and Algae Reasearch and Supply https://algaeresearchsupply.com/ for the Works on Water Triennial.