Buena Onda Collective
Stills from Galeria Liberia, Bogota, Colombia
Laboring Prayers: A Simple Device for Ancestor Communications

Medium: wood, steel, subwoofer, amp, mp3, sound

Based on the esoteric principle that the pyramidal structure amplifies energies much in the same way that a violin's shape amplifies acoustics, participants are invited to lay inside the steel structure becoming part of the acoustic architecture time traveling through their vibrating bodies. As the story unfolds auditory layers pulse from below, ringing and circulating sounds between, wood, metal and flesh. This sound combination acts as a vehicle, reifying the link between, past, present and future. It contains a composition made of electromagnetic frequency recordings of industrial noise around Bogota, a past life regression hypnosis session and an out-of-body experience.

Cerebral Stimulator with Synthesis Modulator

Medium: Home-made circuits, LEDSs, headphones and goggles

Rewire your brainwaves, tuning and toning by tweaking lights and sound. Donna Haraway uses the metaphor of a cyborg to push beyond the limits of gender, feminism, and politics. Imagine a posthuman world where the binary code unravels the confining binary boxes of identity-freeing ourselves from quantified limitations into a new space of possibility. Discover and play your brain with this luminary sonic interface that contains boundless combinations, breaking through to evocative auditory dimensions one light, tone and neuron at a time.

Video Link: Valley of Shadows
Straddling through the world of dreams and nightmares using sound as a vehicle for transcending the body and time to gain access to multidimensional aspects of the dematerialized self.