Buena Onda Collective
Networks of Collective Care @ Recess Gallery 2023
Temporalities of Atmospheric Attunement II is an installation that uses sonic, phermonal and visual data of human fungal interaction in real time. This human fungal biocircuit looks at interspecies communication and collaboration to reframe how we humanoids center ourselves. By understanding our interdependent ecologies through sensorial inputs, community and heuristic experiences we hope to transform how we relate, empathize and in turn behave and relate in our day to day lives. At the end of the performative installation, we cut and cooked the various oyster mushrooms merging and benefiting from our fungal allies. Our  Augmented Reality book (in-progress) Mycellial Mindfulness looks at how we can benefit from implementing the intelligence of mycellial networks to rethink how human and AI networks are structured, utiliized and designed for mutualistic eco-centered futures and wellness. This is an ongoing project that is looking for sponsorship support. We would like to thank our sponsor North Spore & the More Art Fellowship. Mush more soon!