Buena Onda Collective

Underneath the Tides AR
Underneath the Tides AR is an Augmented Reality audio and visual walk that takes place in various locations in NYC such as underneath the elevated train. Using a combination of interviews with local residents, ecologists, water enthusiasts(swimmers, surfers, sailors, kayakers), scientists, business owners, people with housing insecurity, activists, immigrants and conservationists, we form a poetic and historical narrative that imagines what life will be like in a future where the water levels rise.
Will we live in submerged communities? Will we evolutionarily adapt? Will our relationships change with the species in our environment? How will our habits transform? How will eat,love and live? Can Capitalism exist under water? Together with community members we weave together this speculative fiction to dream possibilities of life beneath the sea. Physical QR codes are placed on analog AR sculptures that act as both periscopes and kaleidoscopes, allow audiences to load the experience on their phones.

Video link Underneath the Tides AR