Buena Onda Collective
Temporalities of Atmospheric Attunement
This living installation creates a space for humans and fungi to share an intimate interaction through the use of biosonifiers and video feedback. These energy systems unfold through time and space as human electrical field is in proximity to that of their mushrooms counterpart creating a mycoreaction.

The oyster mushrooms sense humans and trigger a midi device that translates the electrical signals into digital musical notes. This mycosymphony and the sound of people in the space then trigger another synthesizer that translates audio signals into visual feedback projected as a video.

The feedback device mapped onto the floating mushrooms, generate abstract visuals that change ad infinitum. The video projection is a poetic visualization of the symbiosis and communication between humans, mycelia and fruiting bodies. Our project looks to provide a space that facilitates relationships and communication between beings in unexpected ways in turn teaching us about various forms of consciousness.

In a time fraught with xenophobia and fear of otherness we feel that through direct experience and connection to various beings a mutual  understanding and respect can be formed. We hope to enchant mycophobes (those who fear mushrooms), to shift their lenses by looking at these incredible entities with new affection. By providing video feedback, sonic interaction and a mesmerizing environment, we look to elicit a synthesis and bond between visitors and mushrooms.

Video Link: Temporalities of Atmospheric Attunement