Buena Onda Collective
Oneiromancy AR
divination through dreams –  is an installation and animated Augmented Reality community world-building experience that transforms a multi block path beneath the A train in Far Rockway, Queens. Our community is ravaged year after year by the direct impact of the climate crisis & environmental social injustice. By dreaming and working with local organizations  and youth we host a series of workshops teaching residents how to build 3D models that explore their personal histories, dreams, and ecological relationships to the Rockaways. The series of workshops culminate in a free AR 360 video experience and augmented visual walkway that invites folks to listen and interact with the future seascape community via smartphones. This piece will be something of an eco-centered ‘Pokeman Go’ meets Lost City of Atlantis with real-life physical components that hope to engage and reflect through surprises, ecology, technology, storytelling and community.