Buena Onda Collective

Discover Jamaica Bay Tour Series
Buena Onda Collective partnered with Jamaica Bay Rockaway Parks Conservancy for a bio-art workshop transforming natural and man-made debris from Rockaway Beach into cyanotype prints. Cyanotyping is a form of alternative photographic print-making that uses the sun’s UV rays and an iron salt solution to create a print of an object – like a bundle of seaweed or a piece of found plastic. Buena Onda Collective welcomed curious community members and passerbyers to join for an afternoon combing the Rockaway Beaches for treasures and debris. We will create objects for our cabinet of curiosities and transform our found objects into a series of sun prints (cyanotypes). This workshop welcomed all ages and abilities.

You can learn more about the Discover Jamaica Bay Tour Series at jbrpc.org/discoverjb