Buena Onda Collective

(sea)nce is a multimedia exhibition at Open Source Gallery that explores our relationship to the spirits of plastics. Using sensor activated sound, hologram videos, anti-NFTS, collage, analog VR and workshops particiapnts can playfully dive into communicating with this once ignored collaborator.

We commune with our ancestors in a variety of rituals across cultures, paying homage, asking for wisdom and support from those who came before us. At times these prayers and meditations take form in symbolic, seemingly lifeless objects embedded with powers such as totems and talismans. Some take the form of rocks that can heal our bones, venerated for their spiritual, life giving capacity and healing properties. When we shift the lens of how we relate to the ‘unliving’, an invisible choreography emerges. An electric map, a web of unseen forces, intentions, and possibilities, connects the dots of the living and the dead.
Plastics have become the sacred extensions of our lives. Born of compounds from the depth of
the Earth and our desires for instant gratification, taking shape in many forms from plasti straws, smartphones, fast fashion, beloved toys. We have become rife in toxicity as these desires now litter every crevice of our planets land, waters and wildlife. Like the Gods of old we have grown overwhelmed and angry at the disruption and dis-ease these plastics have expelled upon us.

Here, I offer a challenge to the dystopia and disaster, a proposal of integration with the spirit of plastics. An embodied listening, shifting us deeper, opening our interrelatedness to include all forms of nature. A cross-species climate therapy. Instead of putting plastics in opposition to the ‘natural world’, recognize the energetic properties they carry, the force they exude. Embrace, integrate, dissolve. What they are, how they have come to be and acknowledge that they are the extension of our desires. Think of them as an extended family member, reconfigure that toxic uncle into a healthier more positive role. Resolve this relationship by diving into the cosmology and co(dependence) of this distressing and urgent situation by communing with the spirits of plastics in a multi-dimensional session of ecological restoration and healing.