Buena Onda Collective
Signal to Noise
The Amateur Astronomers Society of Voorhees and Columbia Astronomy Public Outreach 
In 1966, artists Robert Rauschenberg and Robert Whitman and Bell Labs engineers Billy Klüver and Fred Waldhauer established the collective Experiments in Art and Technology (E.A.T.) with the intention of promoting collaborations between artists and scientists, thus initiating what is now recognized as a watershed effort in nurturing new kinds of interdisciplinary exchange. In the spirit of such collaborations, The Amateur Astronomers Society of Voorhees and Columbia’s Astronomy Public Outreach program present Signal to Noise, an interdisciplinary salon centering on the topic of sounds of the solar system. A talk by a Columbia astronomer, the presentation of sound and video art pieces, and the distribution of a zine will take place in a variety of locations in Columbia’s Pupin Hall—a lecture hall, a library, and a stairwell—and will be followed by public access to the department’s observatory for stargazing. Featuring projects that simultaneously embrace, reconfigure, and trouble scientific data and technological ideals, Signal to Noise aims to create an overlapping dialogue that playfully underscores both the confluences and points of fracture between artistic and scientific perspectives.

With Emmy Catedral, Constance DeJong, Andrea Derdzinski, ray ferreira, Dominika Ksel, Sarada Rauch, and Ariana van Gelder followed by stargazing at the Rutherfurd Observatory.

VIDEO LINK: Astronuaticus DJs using space debris

Shanti Shack is a performance for the exhibition Seung’s Millenium Market at Interstate Projects. This flavorful experience interogates the harsh realities of excess, consumerism, and gentrification all in the pursuit of eternal youth and beauty. This interactive performance invites audiences to journey to the edges of logic all in the pursuit of truthiness and baby skin.

VIDEO LINK:Shanti Shack

Transliminality: Opening Our Portals is a telekinetic multimedia performance and installation at Flux Factory part of the exhibition Carnevale: In Words I Drown. During this performance Dominika Ksel instructed performers in various techniques of psychical accumen facilitating an electricially charged space using sound, ecstatic dance, and meditation. During this performance Ksel beams into a crystal ball and transmits mental messages to Angel Favorite. These messages instruct Favorite to select colored light bulbs that then affect the ensuing performance to change direction. Made in collaboration with Angel Favorite, Maya Jeffries, Jade Payne and Charlie Hobbs.


Performance Lab - We activated a house on Governor’s Island and created an 8 hour immersive durational performance for the Governors Island Art Fair in collaboration with WildTorus, Gerardo Mercado, Charlie Hobbs and Angel Favorite.

Tree Analogue based on Rene Daumal’s unfinished manuscript Mount Analogue was a collaboration between Dominika Ksel and Patricia Dominguez for the El Museo Biennal-This is Where We Jump. The work investigates how imagination and possibility eclipse obstacles of reality even in times of gentrification, climate crisis, and econoomic disparity. It included several performances, workshops and events that connect community, urban and medicinal plants, and mythology at a privatized “public” park in Spanish Harlem. This work also included collaborations with guest artists Pete Makela, Ian Gerson and Maxi Cohen.

Syncing with the Location Station is ritualistic procession involving, sound, plants, performers and an ascension throne made of a hacked gaming chair. Dominika Ksel invited artists Pete Makela, Patricia Dominguez, Angel Favorite, Jade Payne and Charlie Hobbs to co-create a 3 hours immersive experience where the public communed with the spirit of plants. Curated by AA Bronson and Bradford Kessler. Trikadeskaphobia @Parade Ground Gallery

Which and Werewolf? w/ WildTorus Immersive sound performance @EMET